Spanish club learns through fun activities

Lucy Cook Sports Editor

There are many clubs that students can participate in at Bellevue East, one of which is a Spanish Club that is held in Spanish instructor Abigail Ceremuga’s classroom every other Tuesday.

The Spanish Club allows students to learn about the culture and play fun games. It is also a good way to socialize with classmates with similar interests. There is a possibility of even making a new friend.

“I wanted to continue Spanish Club at East because I know how important it is to have a group or activity that students can be involved in,” Ceremuga said.

During a meeting club members do many different activities. Some may be ways to learn about the culture or to socialize with fellow members.

“At Spanish Club meeting we usually have games and activities relating to the culture stand. Sometimes we’ll watch movies and have snacks,” Spanish Club president senior Rylee Selph said.

In any club, there is usually a president that helps move the meeting moving along and planning future meetings. Presidents have many responsibilities that come with the job.

“As the president of the Spanish Club, it’s my responsibility, along as the rest of the exec team, to figure out how to raise money for club funds, what we’re doing for meeting, and how we can make it fun and interesting for everyone in the club,” Selph said.

For the meetings, they meet in Ceremugas room, C05. Spanish Club is helpful to students who don’t take Spanish classes and are still interested in the culture.

“I am grateful to have a Spanish Club at East. I think it is valuable to have opportunities for students to engage in language and culture outside of the classroom,” Ceremuga said.

Not everyone in the Spanish Club has done it before. Some students have joined this year or last year. 

“Since I only joined this year, and it’s been really rewarding so far,” sophomore Ryan Kasperek said. “I wanted to learn a new language with my friends.”

The Spanish Club is open to everyone at the school. Students don’t have to be taking a Spanish class or not know any Spanish at all to be a part of Spanish Club.

“Anyone can attend the Spanish Club meetings. We are open to all that are interested,” Ceremuga said. “We strive to make Spanish Club as inclusive as possible and it is a fun, welcoming environment.”