Junior class officers raise funds, plan 2023 prom

Lucy Cook Sports Editor

Prom is the last official school dance of the year, and is meant to be a memorable night for all who attended it. There was a lot of time and money that was put into making it unforgettable. The junior class officers worked hard to get the money and choose the theme for prom. 

“Class board officers have multiple meetings where we discuss fund raising, come up with themes, research/purchase decorations, etc. in order to best prepare for prom,” junior Morgan Blaha said.

The junior officers have to plan many things for prom and there are some things that they need the help of teachers. One teacher that helps the junior officers is instructor Karin Donner.

“[We have to] set schedule[s], junior officer meetings, meetings with the venue, HyVee, rental company, and Mrs. Osegueda,” Donner said.

The class officers do many fund raisers to help them raise money for prom. The money that is raised is spent on decorations and the reservations for the venues needed for prom and for the post-prom.

“During finals week, and it was super cold like in the negatives, we were selling hot chocolate out by the front of the doors so people would have hot chocolate as they left to get on the bus and stuff,” junior Luke Hause said.

After the junior officers get the money from fund raisers to pay for everything, they get to pick out venues and decorations for prom.

“The location of prom and after prom were chosen for us. We had to work with what we were given in order to come up with theme ideas,” Blaha said. “ We had to send our top ideas to [the] administration and from there they either approved or disapproved it.”

All the work put into fund raisers and planning finally paid off. The night of prom was enjoyed by many students who attended ,including the prom king senior Will Eby. 

“My favorite part was just having fun with it. I was just dancing there and having fun with it,” Eby. “It was a good movie. It was a nice way to wind down the night. It was not crazy like prom and it was definitely enjoyable.”

Eby was not the only student who had fun at prom. Another student that enjoyed prom was the prom queen Mya Skoff.

“I think it was fun with the DJ and everyone dancing. It was fun like everyone was joining in,” Skoff said. “I would go again, I thought it was fun.”